Cloud Services

We intrinsically connect with the Cloud to provide our customers with simple access to the latest technology. We are proud to be partnered with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure to provided Cloud Services, and our Private Cloud platform is OpenStack powered. We can also provide Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud provides easy, on-demand access to IT resources, reducing the cost and burden of ongoing hardware and Data Centre management. This environment is more flexible and scalable, allowing you to innovate and keep up with business and market demands.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud provides you with servers that are dedicated to your organization’s applications and are based in our Tier III Data Centers for maximum security. The environment has the same scalability, agility and efficiency of the Public Cloud, but offers you a greater level of control.

Hybrid Cloud

The best environment for a workload can be one that combines Public and Private Cloud platforms to meet the specific needs of a single application. With a Hybrid Cloud, there is high flexibility, pay-as-you-grow scalability, enhanced security, and fast, reliable performance.


This environment utilizes multiple Cloud platforms to best fit multiple applications. It delivers you the capability to run different applications in the Cloud environments that best suits them. Each workload runs on its ideal Cloud, but multiple Clouds need to be managed, something Advanced specialize in.

Our Cloud Partners:

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