Microsoft Azure

Implement Scalable APIs and Applications

Azure Cloud Services are an impeccable implementation of PaaS or Platform as a Service. Similar to the suite of Azure Application Services, it is uniquely designed in order to support applications which are reliable, inexpensive and scalable for operations. Clients also get better access to Virtual Machines. In addition, you could install your software on Virtual Machines which utilize Azure Cloud services and your systems could be accessed remotely, enabling literally limitless business operations!

Benefits of Azure Cloud Services

Develop Highly-Available Apps and APIs

Create, implement and package influential apps and services to the cloud through Azure Cloud Services. You can scale from one group of users to thousands in just a few minutes. When your app is implemented, you do not have to worry about anything. Whether it is provisioning, health monitoring and load balancing, Azure manages everything.

Integrated Development with
Azure SDK and Visual Studio

Get impeccable development experience utilizing Azure SDK that integrates seamlessly through Visual Studio. Implement the applications utilizing a language preferred by you such as Node.js, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python or Java. Test the application prior to implementing it on the cloud via utilizing the Azure Emulator that brings key functionalities of the Azure platform right to your development setup.

Concentrate on Creating Great Applications

With Azure Cloud Services, you do not need to take care of network issues, hardware or patching. You can use Azure Cloud Services to implement the application and keep it available constantly while redirecting the traffic and failures from bottlenecked instances to the ones running smoothly. The automated OS updates means the application is highly secure, with no downtime or maintenance.

Test Applications Prior To Implementing Them

Azure Cloud Services provides staging environments to test new releases without moving existing releases, and this minimizes instances of downtime. The moment you are prepared to implement the new release for the users, you need only swap the staging environment.

System Health Monitoring
as well as Alerts

Azure Cloud Services helps in monitoring the availability and health of applications. Health dashboard depicts the key statistics for you. Setting up real-time alerts or warnings when the service is not available or different metrics degrade is easy and intuitive. Azure Cloud Services offer overall system monitoring.

Auto Scale to Optimize
Performance and Cost

Is your application trending on Twitter or other social media platforms? Microsoft Azure Cloud Services have free-of-cost Auto Scale to help during unexpected traffic spikes via automatically scaling up/down in order to meet the demand and minimizing the costs during lulls. You can utilize Auto scale for scheduled scaling limits as well as making sure that customers get optimal performance.

Why Azure Cloud Services?

Focus on the applications, not on hardware

Auto scale in order to meet resource requirements

Implement thousands of instances in just a few minutes

System monitoring, load balancing and integrated health

Automated app patching and operating system

Node, Java, .NET, Ruby, Python and PHP support

Azure Cloud is a leading name in the market

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